Solar 101: Basic Information about Residential Solar Power

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The utility bill is one that you will never pay off. But, what if you could drastically reduce and possibly even eliminate your home electricity bill by installing a home solar system? With the continued advancement of home solar technology, the cost of such a system is becoming more and more affordable for the average consumer. Here is some basic information about residential solar power:

How Do Solar Panels Work?Solar 101 - Basic Information

Solar panels are made up of individual silicon cells. When photons traveling in sunlight strike these solar cells, it causes electrons to break loose from the atoms they paired with. These “free” electrons are then conducted into a closed electrical circuit that conveys the flow of these electrons—what we typically call electricity–down the line and into your homes’ electrical distribution system for use. The solar modules produce DC power and an inverter is installed to change the DC power to AC power so the electricity is compatible with your home electricity.

Is A Solar Power System Really Worth the Cost?

To determine if it is worth the cost, you first need to answer a few questions, such as: How much electricity does your household consume each month? How much surface area of your roof is usable for solar panel installation? What are the seasonal and sunlight conditions where you live? What is the plot orientation of your home about the sun’s path? What is the efficiency of the photovoltaic technology found in your solar panels? Is net metering available where you live?  An experienced solar professional can help you determine the answer to these questions, and subsequently, help you determine if a home solar system is worth the time and money to install.

Is It Possible to Remove My Home from the Grid?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. There may be occasions when your electrical needs are greater than what your solar power system can provide. Staying connected to the grid will allow you to fill in any electrical shortfalls by drawing from the power company as needed. Additionally, in many places you can even sell excess power that your home solar power system generates back to the power company!

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