Why Solar is Going Viral in Southern California

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When something “goes viral,” it means that the trend is quickly catching on and gaining in popularity. We often talk about funny cat videos or news stories going viral because so many people decide to share the link with their friends and family.

In another way, there are common household trends that are catching on through the state and country. Solar power is one of those trends that is spreading with amazing speed. The number of solar system installations is growing each year, and now there are over a million homes in the United States that use solar power.

Unlike short-lived trends, solar power is here to stay. Here are a few factors that are causing more  homeowners to invest in a solar system:

Reduced Cost of Installation

When solar technology was first invented, it was too expensive for the average homeowner to afford. Now, solar panels are more affordable, making it possible for homeowners all over the state to pay for the equipment.  There is also a 30% Federal Tax Credit available, which helps lower the costs.

Not only are the prices lower, but there are financing options to spread out the payments. Instead of fronting the full payment at the time of the installation, you can make easy monthly payments that are likely cheaper than your current energy bill.  Those loans are paid off after 12 years.  In some cases, if the system was designed to meet your electrical needs, you will have no loan payment or electric bill for the remainder of the life of the solar system, so you won’t need to remain on the lifetime payment plan with your utility company.

Increasing Energy Rates

The cost of electricity is going up. Many homeowners have seen the trend of higher utility bills, making it harder to manage a monthly budget. One of the main motivations to go solar is because people are tired of spending a lot of money on electricity costs.

Instead of being a victim to the increased electrical rates controlled by your utility company, you can take control of your electric bill!  A residential solar system will allow you to freely use your air conditioner and other electronics without worrying about the costs. The sun provides clean, free energy all the time, so you won’t need to stress over the rising costs of electricity.

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