Solar System Inverters

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When photovoltaic “solar” cells are exposed to sunlight, they create direct current or DC electricity.  In order to utilize that electricity in our homes, it needs to be changed to alternating current or AC electricity. That change from DC to AC is accomplished using an inverter or inverters. Therefore, when you choose to install solar for your home, the type of inverter(s) that are chosen are one of the more critical factors for a worry-free installation.

String Inverter – The Conventional Approach

A string inverter operates by having multiple solar modules connected directly to one another in series or a “string”. The energy that is produced by all of these strings together, is converted by a single central inverter. With this type of connection, the output can only be as strong as the weakest link. That means that if one module or a small part of a single module is shaded by a tree, covered by any piece of debris (like a leaf), or bird droppings, its electrical output will drop. This in turn, limits the output of every other module connected to that string until the obstruction is removed.

Microinverters – The Solution

In a microinverter system, each individual solar module has its own inverter connected in parallel. This means that each solar module can operate independently. This type of technology makes shade and occasional debris, problems of the past. Solar systems with micro inverters can output 5 – 20% more compared to a string inverter system.  Since each micro inverter is only responsible for converting the energy from its respective solar module, it can achieve that more efficiently and with less heat generated. This gives these inverters a lifespan far beyond that of a string inverter. That lifespan is backed by a 25 year manufacturer warranty vs. a 10 year warranty that comes with most string inverters.

Only the Best for Your Home

When considering a solar installation for your home, product selection is a large part of that process.  At New Day Solar, we want to help our customers get the system that is not only right for them, but also a system that will last for many years.  Knowledge of the product options and 31 years of experience installing these products, gives us the ability to do just that!  If you’re interested in learning more about how solar can change your lifestyle, please give us a call at: (855) 444-6329 or visit us online at: