Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Pests Out of the Home

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As the weather is warming up and families are thinking about spring break, many people are prioritizing their spring cleaning list. This season is a perfect opportunity to spruce up your home so you are ready for the upcoming summer season.

What are your priorities for spring cleaning? Not only do you need to think about the areas of your home that need the most attention. But also consider certain tasks that can help keep insects and rodents away. Here are a few spring cleaning tasks that are helpful for pest control and prevention:

Clean Up the Clutter

The more stuff you are storing in your home, the more areas you have that could be attracting pests. Clutter creates the ideal conditions where pests like to build nests and hide in your home. Go through the boxes and clutter areas in the garage, attic, storage room, shed, and more. If there are items that you aren’t using, then sell them or donate everything to a local center. Anything you decide to keep should be stored in airtight plastic containers.

Seal the Gaps

Not only do cracks around the doors and windows influence the energy efficiency of your home, but these issues could also be contributing to your pest control issues. Even the smallest cracks are invitations for pests to come inside. Take time to add fresh caulking around the doors, windows, electrical wiring, roof lines, and vents. Seal everything up to keep the pests outside. As an added bonus, you are also reducing the risk of water damage.

Spruce Up the Yard

Not only do you need to clean inside the home, but also consider that outside conditions might be bringing in pests. For example, if you have tree stumps, wood piles, and other messes in the yard, then these areas could be hosting pests. Clean up the yard to reduce the risk of pests living near your home. At the same time, you have the benefit of boosting your curb appeal as well.

Call the Pest Control Experts

When you are spring cleaning, watch for signs of pest infestations, such as droppings, nests, or insects. If you notice these issues, then it’s smart to bring in a pest control expert for professional services. Call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697 to learn more about the ways our services go hand-in-hand with your spring cleaning efforts.