Success Lies Beyond the Finish Line

Filed under: Business Tips

Healthy trail runMany business owners make the mistake of viewing their business as a marathon. Once they cross whatever imaginary finish line they have set for themselves, they see the race as “over”.

The truth is, the best leaders are the ones who keep pushing forward even when they have met their goals. In fact, the most successful people simply create new goals once they have surpassed their old ones. This is what we mean by “going the extra mile”. It’s like crossing the finish line of a marathon, but continuing to run anyway. The best leaders, the ones who experience the most growth in business, are the ones who never quit.

But when you go the extra mile, you may notice you’re out there alone. The extra mile can be a lonely place, because few people want to put in that kind of time and effort. But this is precisely why the extra mile is a place filled with opportunities. Just by being there, you’re doing more than other business owners in your area. You’re different, and that is precisely why you will succeed.

So what does it mean to go the extra mile?

Vision – you know that there is more terrain to cross, out there beyond the “finish line”. You’re never really done, because you can always grow more, gain more clientele, make them happier, or widen your profit margin.

Courage – picturing a better outcome is one thing; having the courage to work toward it is another. It takes a brave soul to continually pursue new goals.

Persistence – You come in to the office early, you stay late, you keep trying new solutions to problems, you stick to your plans even in the face of adversity. The best leaders are usually people who faced significant obstacles, but pushed past them.

Patience – You know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your business. Likewise, achieving new goals won’t always be quick or easy. But the best leaders know that patience is truly a virtue, and they trust themselves enough to take a leap of faith with their time and energy.

Coaching – Just as the best athletes rarely accomplish their goals alone, the best leaders in business also need guidance and help. A great business coach can help you decide on new goals and implement creative solutions to your problems. With a coach, you don’t have to run that extra mile alone. Give us a call at MorrisonMcNabb (951-225-2179) and learn how to fulfill your visions of success.