Summer Tips to Protect Hair Against the Elements

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Summer is the perfect time of year to soak up the sun and enjoy a dip in the pool or ocean. If you love spending time outside, then it is important that you follow a few preventive steps to protect your hair and avoid damage from these elements. Here are a few tips that you can use:

Moisturize Your StrandsSummer Hair Tips

It is common for hair to dry out after a lot of sun or ocean exposure. As a result, it will be lifeless, dull, and dry, making it difficult to style your hair. Plus, you will have a harder time maintaining a bright, vibrant color if your hair is too dry. Use a high-quality moisturizing treatment such as a deep conditioner, and decrease your use of heat styling tools as much as possible.

Keep Your Hair Dry

Wet hair will contribute to color fading, especially if you are using warm water. When you take a dip in the pool, consider pulling your hair into a bun to decrease water exposure. You can still enjoy a swim without damaging your hair if you keep the hair dry.

Buy Quality Hair Products

Grocery store shampoo and conditioner just won’t cut it if you want beautiful hair. Instead, buy your products from a local salon to ensure that you are getting top-notch formulas. These products are designed to protect your hair follicles and promote healthy growth.

Don’t Wash as Often

It feels great to have freshly washed hair, but be careful about washing too much. It might be tempting to wash daily if you are spending a lot of time in the pool or ocean. Instead of washing your hair every day, consider the benefits of a dry shampoo. This product will freshen your hair without water, helping you to avoid the harsh chemicals and minerals in the pool and ocean that can make your hair color dull.

The best way to protect your hair is to talk to an experienced cosmetologist to find tips unique to your hair type. When you visit for your next haircut, ask about the ways that you can improve the quality of your hair.

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