Termites 101: The Basics of Termite Control

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Termites are a common infestation problem, and it is essential that you understand a few basics about termites in case you experience this infestation in your home. This information can help you avoid more damage to your property, and you can eliminate the pests quickly and effectively.

Why are Termites Infesting Your Home?The Basics of Termite Control

These pets feed on wood, and they might find the source of food in the structure of your home. Termites can attack almost anything that is made of wood, such as the framing of the property or wooden furniture that you have inside.

Sometimes, these infestations might start outside on trees and other wood sources in your yard. As the colony of termites grows, then they might move towards your home and set into unexpected places.

How Do Termite Colonies Work?

There are different types of termites within a colony, such as soldier termites, worker termites, and the queen termites. The soldiers are usually the most visible, because their purpose is to protect the colony. If the nest is disturbed, then the soldier will jump into action to guard the colony.

The worker termites are also quite visible, because they help by building the nest and doing repair work when necessary. The workers are generally the group that will do the most damage to your home.

Killing the soldier and worker termites won’t eliminate the problem though, because the queen termites continue to reproduce. It is possible for one queen to lay more than 2000 eggs per day, and the queen can live as long as 25 years. So, if you want to eliminate the problem, then you need to get rid of the queen.

Without experience, it can be difficult to eliminate a termite infestation. The best solution is to talk with an expert pest control team to identify the termite nest and knock out the colony. If you suspect that there might be termites in your home or office, then it is essential that you take action right away to prevent additional damage to your property.

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