4 Home Cleaning Tips to Prepare for Thanksgiving

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Are you hosting the family for a big Thanksgiving celebration this year? It is fun to gather everyone for the holiday, but it can be an overwhelming experience if the dinner is in your home. Instead of waiting until the last minute to prepare, right now is a great time to get started with your to-do list.

Here are a few things that you can do in advance:

1. Spruce Up the Guest Bedrooms and Bathrooms

If the guest bedrooms haven’t been used for a while, then it is important to wipe away the dust and scrub down the bathrooms. Open the windows to bring in the fresh air, put new sheets on the bed, and make sure that the shower is stocked with shampoo and soap for your guests to use.

2. Wash the Holiday China

Do you like to pull out the best dishes for the meal? Often, these items sit in the cupboard for most of the year. Make sure that you rinse everything before setting the plates out on the dinner table. Don’t forget to put the linen napkins and tablecloths in the washing machine!

3. Deep Clean the Kitchen

Starting with a clean kitchen is the best way to ensure that you won’t run into problems that will slow down your cooking. Wash all of the pots and pans and have them ready to go. Wipe out the fridge and throw away any old food to make room for turkey dinner leftovers. Scrub the floors to create a comfortable environment for everyone working in the room together.

4. Wipe Down the Back Patio

How many people will be attending the dinner? A patio or sunroom is a great option for overflow seating, but you need to prepare the room for the big day. Sweep the patio, set out the nice outdoor furniture, and pull out a few tiki torches to set the right ambiance for the people who choose to eat outside.

If you’re looking to avoid “overwhelm” this holiday season, consider hiring a professional service to help with some of the cleaning tasks. For more information, talk to Trish Duarte and Ed Kennedy at MaidPro of Temecula/Murrieta at (951) 506-6100