The Demand for Clean Energy is Increasing Among Millennials

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The younger generations are shaping the world with their innovative ideas and savvy technology mindset. As the millennials are reaching an age where they are established in their careers and buying homes, many contractors and service providers are looking for ways to cater their products to match the needs of this generation.

Technology and Energy AwarenessDemand for Clean Energy Among Millennials

One of the hot topics among the millennials is the subject of clean energy. They are worried about how energy usage is impacting the environment, and they see that they can make a difference with their consumer decisions. The utility companies and service providers need to innovate to accommodate these preferences.

Millennials want to use their smart technology in their homes and have easy access to renewable energy for daily utility use. Smart technology allows a homeowner to see a digital report showing the energy that is used each day, and climate control adjustments can be made using an app. These technologies are much more popular among the younger generation, although people of all ages can benefit from these features.

Solar Installation Goals

Over 50% of the millennial generation has said that they want to install solar panels within the next five years. They see the benefits of this investment, creating a clean energy source that will last for many years. This demand is nearly double compared to people over the age of 55, showing the trends that we can expect in the future.

Technical evolution is accommodating the demands of the millennial generation, giving everyone access to these benefits regardless of their age. Energy providers see the opportunities to provide innovative services that provide a new way of energy distribution and usage.

Solar Power for Your Home

If you see the benefits of clean energy for your home, then a solar power system is a great option to consider. This investment can give you the peace of mind to know that you are doing your part to protect the environment. Plus, there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit that makes purchasing solar more affordable.   Are you ready to learn more about the benefits of solar installation?  Contact our team at New Day Solar to learn more about the options that are available: (855) 444-6329