The Energy Saving Benefits of Adjusting the Temperature on the Water Heater

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It is easy to take it for granted that we have clean, hot water coming out of the faucets in our homes. If you aren’t familiar with the plumbing system, then you might not understand the technology that goes into the home and city grid system.Energy Savings Benefits of Adjusting Hot Water Heater

As a homeowner, there are a few things that you can do to adjust the plumbing system within your home. It is important that you are aware of the hot water heater temperature because this temperature will impact your access to hot water from the faucet.

Hot Water Heater too High?

It is common for people to assume that the “high” setting on the hot water heater is best. But, the truth is that you should re-think the setting to be sure that you protect your family and save energy at the same time.

High hot water temperatures could be dangerous if someone turns on the hot water and accidentally gets burned. If you have young children in the home, then you should definitely maintain the hot water temperature at a lower setting.

At the same time, the lower hot water heater setting is beneficial to reduce energy usage each month. Turning down the temperature can save you money on monthly utility bills! Keeping the hot water heater at a high temperature requires more energy to maintain the temperature. Even if you aren’t using a lot of water, the heater will still kick on to maintain that temperature all day long.

Stop Running Out of Hot Water

The main reason that homeowners turn up their hot water heater is that they run out of hot water each day. If you have a lot of people in the home, or you are often running the dishwasher and washing machine, then it is possible that you won’t have enough hot water for all of the household needs.

Instead of wasting energy and turning up the temperature, you should consider the benefits of upgrading to an energy efficient model. You might even take advantage of a tankless water heater, which provides hot water on-demand.

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