The Most Effective Way to Remove Red Wine Stains in the Carpet

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A relaxing, romantic evening can quickly turn to frustration when a glass of wine is accidentally knocked over onto the carpet. Red wine notoriously leaves stains behind, but there are a few things that you can do to treat the spill and avoid an ugly spot on your carpet. Here are some tips to help:

Step 1: Blot the Wine Stain

Using paper towels or dry, clean rags, blot at the spot to soak up as much wine as possible. The best strategy is to use multiple cloths one at a time, so you aren’t applying a rag that already has wine residue on it. Avoid scrubbing motions (back and forth or circular movements), because these motions could spread the stain.

Step 2: Cold Water

A little bit of water can be added to help lift more of the wine.  Make sure the water is cold and add a small amount at a time. Continue blotting with clean paper towels or cloths.

Step 3: Stain Treatment

Use a professional carpet cleaning product designed for stain treatment. Most of these products involve the initial application, then allowing the product to sit on the stain for a time before wiping it clean. Another option is to apply a baking soda paste of 1-part soda and 3-parts water. Spread the soda on the stain and allow it to sit. When it is dry, use a vacuum to lift the baking soda.

If you are using a carpet cleaning product or any other solutions or mixtures, it’s always best to test a hidden part of the carpet to check for color-fastness. Also, keep in mind that many store-bought carpet cleaning products aren’t strong or effective enough to remove the underlying stain.

Any time there is a serious stain on the carpet, the best solution is to call a carpet cleaning company as soon as possible. Contact us as soon as the wine spill occurs. Fast treatment reduces the likelihood that you will be dealing with long-term, visible staining.

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