Things to Consider When Selling a Home with Solar Power

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When you install a solar electric system, is there anything that needs to be considered that will impact the sale of your home in the future? A quality solar system can increase the value of your home, and it can be a great selling point as well.  New home buyers need to be ready to transition into the financing agreements if the panels aren’t paid in full.

Solar Panels to Boost the Value of Your Property

When purchasing a new home,  buyers love the idea of finding a property that is move-in ready with all of the energy efficiency upgrades that are needed. These features make it possible to enjoy the home without having to worry about construction costs or contractors.

If your home has a solar system, then you need to use the solar panels as a selling point for the property. Adding this information to the real estate listing could bring in new buyers. A home with no electricity bill, is a very attractive feature.

Buying or Financing the Solar Panel Equipment

Yes, the property value will increase because of the solar panel system. At the same time, the home buyers need to consider any costs that are still owed on the equipment. Customers have the option to purchase the system directly, but many people choose to finance the equipment and pay a monthly fee for the loan.

As a homeowner, do you have a solar agreement in place for the loan that you are paying?  We would suggest that you pay off the loan at the time of the sale. It can typically be done with a portion of the extra money that you will be able to sell the house for due to it having solar. In this fashion the new owner has just a typical home loan and you the seller have made extra money due to your wise investment in solar.  If you lease a solar system from a solar installation company, you may have to have the new owners qualify to take over the lease payments. It is not as simple as just paying off the amount you owe on the solar loan when you sell your home.

Talk to Your Solar Provider

When you are preparing to sell your home, the best thing you can do is talk to your solar provider as early as possible. They can provide information about the transfer process, making it a seamless transition for the home buyers. A quick conversation is an effective way to avoid confusion and improve the experience for everyone involved.

At New Day Solar, we offer 12 year solar loans through a credit union with 0 down, instead of the typical solar lease where you have 20 years of payments.   Do you need information about solar for your home?  Call the solar panel experts at New Day Solar: (855) 444-6329.  We have been installing solar electric systems since 1988 and have 30 years of expertise.  You can also check out our prices online at