Tips for Checking Spring Tension on a Garage Door

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The quality of the springs will play a role in the function of the garage door. If the springs are old and loose, then it might result in a situation where the door no longer works because of broken springs. These problems can be avoided with regular inspection to determine the tension of the springs.

How to Check the Tension on Garage Door Springs

You can bring in a garage door expert for a full inspection of the door and opener. It is also a good idea to practice DIY spring checks on a regular basis. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Start with a closed garage door
  2. Pull the emergency release cord, usually a red rope in the middle of the door
  3. Manually lift the garage door so that it is two or three feet above the ground
  4. Let go of the garage door to see what happens

When you let go, the door should stay open if you have the right spring tension. On the other hand, it is possible that the garage door falls back to the ground again, which is a sign that the springs need an adjustment. Either the springs have lost tension, or the wrong size of springs were installed for your garage door.

Fixing Spring Problems on the Garage Door

If you determine that there are issues with your garage door springs, then it is time to call an expert for help. Changing or adjusting the springs can be dangerous because of the pressure of the springs. Avoid the risk of injury by bringing in the experts to help with your garage.

Don’t delay the repair! Springs that are improperly adjusted could lead to damage to the garage door or opener. A small repair right now can save you money in the future because you can avoid the bigger expense of a broken garage door.

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