Top Trends in Senior Living

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Nurse Advising Senior Woman On Medication At HomeWith more and more “baby boomers” reaching retirement age, the senior living industry is undergoing a rapid transformation. No longer are senior living options focused around necessity; nowadays the industry is placing more emphasis on what type of living arrangements seniors truly want. If you’re considering where you want to live, or looking for the right place for a loved one, the following factors may influence your decision.

Technology. It might surprise you to know that more older Americans are joining social media sites than any other age group. Technology allows seniors to stay in touch with family, view pictures of grandchildren, and make new friends. So it isn’t surprising that access to the internet is becoming a valued commodity in senior living environments.

Amenities. No one works and saves for retirement, hoping only for a bed and three hot meals per day. Assisted living facilities recognize this fact. Seniors want to enjoy the best that life has to offer, so more and more assisted living homes are responding to the demand for swimming pools, chef-prepared meals, proximity to golf courses, and other amenities valued by their residents.

Wellness programs. We all enjoy our lives a lot more when we’re healthy! This rule continues to be true of seniors. Most senior living environments are offering various wellness programs, such as exercise classes and opportunities for socialization.

Aging in place. Baby boomers have taken care of their own aging parents, and they are aware of everything that can happen in the aging process. Many are choosing, while still young and healthy, to move into a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). These senior living communities provide valuable amenities and opportunities for socialization, from retirement through the end of life. That means seniors never have to worry about giving up their homes and moving into a nursing facility if or when their health begins to fail.

Today, senior living facilities usually consider at least some of the above factors when deciding what they will offer to their residents. To find the environment that is right for you or your loved one, call Always Best Care for your free Care Consultation. 951-375-4588 or visit their website at