Vision Therapy: A Treatment Option for Behavioral Disorders

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The occurrence of childhood behavioral issues is on the rise. Many families have a child in the home with a diagnosis, or know of a neighbor or friend facing the challenges of behavioral disorders. Common problems include ADHD, learning problems, Autism, and more.

Vision Disorders and Behavior

If a child is facing these difficulties, then it might be time to schedule an examination with an experienced optometrist that offers vision therapy services. Often, the symptoms of vision disorders mimic symptoms of behavioral disorders, such as ADHD. As a result, the child might be incorrectly diagnosed and receiving the wrong treatment for the symptoms.

For example, if a child is diagnosed with ADHD, then vision problems could be the root of the problem. The child might be experiencing convergence insufficiency or other eye problems that are contributing to the behavior. Unfortunately, medical doctors don’t always consider vision problems with the diagnosis. So, the child is given medication instead of addressing the root vision problems.

Finding the Right Treatment

Rest assured to know that treatment options are available for children with vision problems. The best thing that you can do is schedule an eye exam with a developmental optometrist who can see how the child’s eyes are working together. When a diagnosis is reached, then Vision Therapy might be used as a treatment to resolve these problems.

Multiple treatment sessions are often required, and include exercises to challenge the vision and test eye movement. The exercises are designed to teach the eyes to move properly and reduce the risk of fatigue from common daily activities.

When the eye issues are corrected, then it is common for the behavioral issues to be resolved as well. Fixing the vision problems can help to improve attention issues. But it isn’t always a black-and-white diagnosis, which is why it is best to consider multiple treatment options if needed.

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