What are the Best Cleaning Products to Use on the Countertops?

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The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it is understandable that the counters need to be cleaned regularly. Food prep, homework, and other daily activities can dirty the counters, leaving behind unsanitary surfaces that could negatively impact the health of your family. Follow these tips to keep your counters clean.

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These surfaces need to be sanitized consistently, especially when you are preparing food on the counter. If you want them to look great, then it is important to follow these four steps:

  • Promptly wipe up spills to avoid stains
  • Use non-abrasive cloths when cleaning the counters
  • Choose the cleaning solution to match your counter type
  • Hire a professional contractor to re-seal the surfaces as needed

Cleaning Solutions for the Counters

What cleaning products should you use to clean the counters? The requirements change depending on the type of counters that are in your home. Follow these suggestions to avoid damage to the counters:

  • Granite: Use a damp rag for everyday wipes. Remove stains with a paste of water and baking soda. Avoid too much standing water because it can soak into the porous surface.
  • Marble: Shouldn’t be left wet, so it is best to wipe it dry after cleaning. Stay away from abrasive cleaners (such as lemon juice or vinegar). Buy a PH-neutral soap at the store to make a warm, soapy water solution.
  • Tile: The grout between the tiles is the weak point of these countertops. Use neutral PH cleaners and hot water. Occasionally, choose a safe oxygen bleach solution and a brush with nylon bristles to remove stains and mildew from the grout. Tip: Oxygen bleach works similarly to traditional chlorine beach, in that it kills bacteria and brightens white surfaces, but it has very distinct advantages over its chlorine alternative.  Oxygen bleach is natural, can brighten surfaces without discoloring them, and is non-toxic.
  • Laminate: Stay away from abrasive cleaners, and choose gentle, PH-balanced products instead. Also, avoid long-term water exposure. Standing water can break down the seams and cause the counters to pull up.

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