Why DIY Carpet Cleaning is a Bad Idea

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DIY is a great idea if you are looking for ways to save money on household repairs and upkeep. But, it is essential to ensure that you have the right equipment and skills to complete the project. Too often, homeowners attempt a DIY project, only to find that they need to hire a contractor later because of problems that arise.

Carpet cleaning is the perfect example of something that seems simple, but DIY often results in big issues. Even though you can rent a carpet cleaning machine from a local home improvement store, it doesn’t mean that you will get the same results that are available from a professional carpet cleaning company. When you see the problems that arise from DIY carpet cleaning, it’s easy to understand why you will save both time and money by calling an experienced team from the beginning.

Stinky, Stained Carpets

Initially, the DIY cleaning looks good, but it is common for homeowners to find more stains and stinky areas on the carpets after the DIY cleaning. Most household carpet cleaning machines aren’t powerful enough to remove the water safely. As a result, water is left behind in the carpet and padding. This water doesn’t dry fast enough, which can cause the carpets to stink, especially if mildew starts to form under the surface.

Additionally, it is common for the carpet cleaning solution to be left behind on the fibers of the carpets. Even though it might seem harmless, this issue can lead to staining and spots in the future. If the soapy residues are left behind, then those spots become areas that attract dirt and grime.

Call a Professional Carpet Cleaning Team

Some homeowners have small problems after DIY carpet cleaning. But, others might be dealing with destroyed carpets that need to be replaced. Instead of taking these risks in your home, it is better to call an experienced team to oversee the cleaning that needs to be done. You can relax while the experts choose the best cleaning solutions and tools to ensure optimal results for your family.

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