Why is Hydration so Important for a Colon Cleanse?

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There are three main elimination organs in the body: the colon, kidneys, and liver. Every moment of the day, these organs are working to flush out waste to help with optimal efficiency and health. Drinking enough water is critical so that these organs can properly remove the toxins and buildup that shouldn’t stay in the body long-term. If you are dehydrated, then elimination functions slow down, and you can get sick.O2logo

Stay Hydrated to Support the Health of the Colon

The digestive system depends on water as well as foods with water content to keep things moving and support elimination each day. The problem is that many people are dehydrated and they don’t realize that they need to drink more water.

When dehydration occurs, the intestinal tract will slow down, and your body will hold onto the waste for a longer time. The body needs more fluids, so it tries to sap water from the products that will be eliminated. As a result, constipation can occur. You should be having between one to three bowel movements each day; anything less is an indication that you should be drinking more water and eating high fiber foods.

Regular Bowel Movements for a Healthy Colon

Without regular bowel movements, the colon turns into a toxic space. Holding on to the product that should be eliminated is extremely bad for your health and can lead to digestion issues and diseases. Not only does elimination impact colon health, but it has a domino effect to impact other areas of your body as well.

When you drink water, it helps the dietary fiber to swell up so that it can pass through the digestive system smoothly. This process supports peristalsis, which is the natural contractions in the bowel that moves waste out of your body. Water is one of the most important factors to stay regular and help your body get rid of toxic waste.

In addition to drinking plenty of water each day, you should also consider the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. This treatment gently fills the colon with water to support elimination and get rid of toxic buildup. Additionally, it improves your hydration because of the water that can be absorbed in the intestinal tract.

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