Why Pro Hair Extensions are Worth the Investment

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Have you ever thought about trying hair extensions? Beauty advertisements for hair extensions often show before and after pictures of women enjoying their newfound hair length and volume. But, it seems like everyone knows someone who tried them once a long time ago, and they said the results were not as expected. That’s enough to make you wonder and worry whether it’s actually a good idea at all.  Yet the promised results are so alluring it almost sounds too good to be true. Or, is it?

Danielle Roy
Professional Hair Stylist

Here’s the thing:  Advancements in hair extension technology have come a long way. In fact, these days professional hair extensions are nearly undetectable when an experienced stylist applies them. You can get extensions in all different colors, textures, lengths, shapes, and hair types. Whatever suits your style or intended purpose, there are extensions to match.

Why Do People Want Pro Hair Extensions?

Many people want to use pro hair extensions so they can try on new styles and looks that they simply couldn’t create without extensions. Others want extensions to help fill out their thin or fine hair. Still others are looking to conceal their damaged hair. Extensions are dynamic and can effectively meet all of these needs without being overly difficult to maintain. Not mention, the cost for professional-grade extensions has become much more affordable in recent years.

What Kinds of Hair Extensions Can You Buy?

For the best experience and ease of care, it’s important to choose high-quality hair extensions. Human hair extensions are generally considered the best. They are durable, flexible, and natural in appearance. Remy hair extensions are healthy, with hand-picked strands and cuticle alignment. Non-Remy Hair extensions are silicone coated, giving a beautiful shine, but hair cuticles are less healthy and may run in different directions, causing matting and tangles to occur eventually.

Consultation with a Pro

Looking for a change, but not sure if pro hair extensions are the right choice for you? A consultation might be just what you need. Call Danielle Wohltman-Roy, Professional Hair Dresser and Senior Stylist with expertise in hair extensions, cut, color, and style. Call today at (951) 492-9288.