Why Satisfied Customers are the Foundation of a Successful Business

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Every business owner is searching for the key that will boost profits and skyrocket the company to higher levels of success. But, there are common problems that come up along the way which can hinder the success that you desire.

If you are looking for the solution to improve your business results, then you need to consider the satisfaction of your customers.

Jim McLaughlinTransformational Business Coach

Jim McLaughlin
Transformational Business Coach

Repeat Purchases are Better than New Marketing

The most common focus for business owners is to boost the marketing budget. Instead of spending this money on campaigns to bring in new customers, consider the benefits of investing some of that budget to reach out to current and former customers.

These people have already shown interested in the products and services that you offer. Plus, they have developed trust and a relationship with your company. So, you will find it easier to move those people to a sale than to bring in someone who isn’t familiar with your brand.

Compare the numbers, and you will see that you will spend a lot more money per-person for new customers instead of focusing your efforts on repeat business.

Satisfied Customers Send Referrals

If a person has a terrible experience with a company, then it is common for that disgruntled customer to share negative comments online. This information can be posted on their social media account. Some people also go to the effort of publishing a negative review.

At the same time, satisfied customers are happy to share their positive reviews with friends and family looking for the same service. When you provide a customer with unbeatable service, they will see the value and share the information with other people. Referrals are a powerful way to boost the success of your company because these new customers are already familiar with the products through conversations with other customers.

Building Solid Online Reviews

It is common for people to turn to the internet when they want to learn more about a company. These online reviews can be a powerful way to see how a company treats customers. So, it is important that you do everything that you can to encourage people to leave positive reviews, helping you to bring in new customers.

Training your managers, staff, and other employees is critical if you want your customers to have a good experience. For more information about business coaching, call Jim McLaughlin for Leadership Development for Business Owners and Managers: (951) 225-2179