Wood vs. Steel: Which is Better for a New Garage Door?

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There are a variety of garage doors out there in today’s marketplace. If you’re planning to replace or install a new garage door system, you’re likely thinking about which material will be best for your home. Generally speaking, the most popular choices are wood and steel. But how do you know which one will work better for you? Here are several key details to consider before you make your choice:

Wood Garage Door

Garage doors made of wood are warm and noble. They bring an air of quality and authenticity to a home that other materials cannot. They can increase the curb appeal and equity value of your property, making them more of an investment in the home than a consumable cost. However, it should be noted that wooden doors require much more maintenance than other material types. They also provide poor insulation value, and are 3-4 times more expensive than steel paneled garage doors.

Steel Garage Door

If you choose to install a steel garage door, you will appreciate the advantage of minimal maintenance requirements. Steel garage doors are coated with fired paint in the color of your choice. They can even be designed and painted to look like wood, bringing that rich aesthetic effect to your home. They are durable and solid, and can provide better insulation than wood.

Unlike wooden garage doors, humidity and water have little impact on steel garage doors. This advantage makes them a suitable choice for areas prone to such conditions. Price tends to be much more affordable than traditional wooden garage doors. The disadvantages of steel are that there are fewer options to customize the material, there are size constraints, and it is easier to ding and dent.

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