2018 Goals: Upgrade to a Better Home for the Family

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What do you hope to accomplish in 2018? It is the start of a New Year, and many people view January as a fresh slate to create a new lifestyle. Right now is the perfect time to consider the health, relationships, and living conditions that you desire. What are the changes that need to happen this year to create the perfect life for your family?

Lloyd Mize

The quality of your home has a big impact on the memories that are made with your children and spouse. If you are living in an old, outdated property, then you could be missing out on possibilities of building strong relationships with people that you love. Your family deserves the best lifestyle that is possible, which is why you need to think about moving to a new home this year.

Growing Families Need More Space

One of the biggest concerns for families is that the house is too small. For example, if you bought the home as newlyweds and you now have 1 or 2 kids in tow, then you might not have enough space for bedrooms, a playroom, and the home office that you need.

Instead of tripping over each other and causing strained relationships, it is better to move somewhere else so that you have enough space for everyone who is living in the house. Giving everyone a little extra room can reduce the tension to create the environment where you can build memories together.

Why 2018 is a Good Year to Buy

It is common for people to wonder about the real estate market trends for the upcoming year. Is it a good time for you to buy a home? Right now the market is strong, giving you the opportunity to find a great home, with the likelihood that your investment will keep on growing. Plus, low interest rates are still available, and many families have a good financial profile to buy a home.

If you are considering a home purchase this year, then you need to choose the right real estate team. Contact Lloyd Mize at  The Lloyd Mize Realty Group at (951) 551-1677