4 Reasons to Call a Garage Door Expert for Repairs

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When it comes to garage doors, a “Do-It-Yourself” approach may not be a wise course of action. Of course, this depends on your experience, but most capable DIYer’s underestimate the time and expertise needed to manage garage door repairs successfully. Here are four good reasons you should outsource garage door maintenance and repairs to an expert:


Each year, hundreds of individuals are injured trying to repair a garage door. We often don’t think about the dangers they can pose. Injury happens fast and unexpectedly, often caused by things such as a heavy unlatched door slamming shut, a coiled spring breaking with great force, a fall from a ladder, etc. If you don’t know everything to watch out for, you might not even know you are in danger until it’s too late.

Training and Experience Counts

Do you know how a garage door operates? Do you have a clear understanding of how each part of the system works and interacts with the other parts? If not, a DIY repair job may lead to longer-term problems such as friction and component wear, inadequate weatherproofing, poor balancing of door load, and more. A seasoned expert can spot the trouble spots and prevent these things from happening to your garage door.


If you are hurt during a DIY repair job, you are liable for your own risk and injury. On the other hand, a professional technician assumes the risk when they are hired to handle repairs.

Save Time and Money

Your time is valuable. You can spend a whole weekend trying to fix your garage door’s specific make and model, and still not finish! A professional garage service company can get in, make the repairs, and get out. If you do it yourself and make a mistake, it will cost you more time, and possibly more money if your DIY repair job didn’t work right.

Outsourcing your garage door repairs to a professional garage door service company is a smart decision. If you need some help with your garage door, call Precision Garage Door Service: (951) 331-3254. We’re here to help!