4 Ways Solar Power Helps the Environment

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Solar energy systems are growing in popularity among home and business owners. Why?  Lowering energy bills and producing your own electricity are just two of the reasons, but there are many other reasons why people choose to have solar installed.  Here are four of them:

1. Solar Power is Renewable

Increased use of renewable energy leads to less dependence on non-renewable energy source such as oil and gas. We can harvest the sun’s power to generate electricity for many years.  And the good news? Harnessing solar power doesn’t release carbon dioxide or other polluting gases and byproducts into the environment.

2. Reduced CO2 Emissions

Homes that draw electricity from solar panels use less electricity from fossil fuels. By reducing our use of fossil fuels to power our homes or businesses, we collectively reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is released into our environment. This translates to less greenhouse gas emissions and helps lower global climate change impact.

3. Cleaner Air and Water

Solar panels capture the sun’s energy without causing toxic metals, such as mercury to be released into the environment. This is not true of coal power plants. Lakes and rivers near coal power plants are often contaminated with enough metals to be considered hazardous to life.

Air quality is also improved with the use of solar power, because the technology produces little pollution. This improvement means that there is less sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and other pollutants in our air, which are known to cause breathing problems.

4. No Radioactivity

Solar power reduces the need for nuclear energy plants, which creates radioactive waste in the wake of power production. In fact, solar does not require the use of any uranium, plutonium, or any other elements that may result in harmful byproducts. Avoiding the use of radioactive materials helps to protect the environment, and our health.

If you are thinking about ways to reduce your energy impact on the environment, please contact our team at New Day Solar: (855) 444-6329 or visit our website at www.newdaysolar.com.  We will answer  your solar questions honestly and will give you information about how a solar installation will benefit not only the planet, but you specifically.  You could be saving money on your monthly electric bills, while doing your part to help our planet.