5 Best Cleaning Tips for Working Moms

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If you’re a high-powered working Mom, then blitzing through your to-do list is priority one. Managing a household with all of its cleaning responsibilities isn’t easy, but there are some shortcuts you can use when time is limited, but the house needs a quick sprucing up.

But, before you launch your efforts to tidy up the home, take a minute to evaluate how much time you have to clean and what areas need the most attention.  Is it the kitchen? The living room? The bathrooms? Once you know your priorities, get after it. If you only have a little time and need to cover a lot of ground, focus your efforts on the high-value work that will make the most impact. Here are some examples:

  • Kitchen – Gather the dirty dishes to the sink and fill it with water to soak. Wipe down the counters while you wait. Rinse the dishes and put them into the dishwasher. Rinse the sink and spot check the floors. Don’t worry about the deep cleaning today.
  • Bedroom – Make up the bed first. Gather the clutter of clothes, toys, books, etc. into a box or laundry basket and tuck it into the closet so you can take care of it in a day or two.
  • Living Room – Gather the clutter into a hamper basket and set it aside. Run a dust cloth across hard surfaces, then power vacuum the floor and couch surfaces, if you have pets.
  • Bathroom – Quickly wipe every essential surface: sinks, toilet, and countertops. Skip the tub today, but make a mental note of it.
  • Home office – Loose papers should be gathered to your inbox for later handling. Run your dust cloth over the desk and surface areas, computer and electronics.
  • Entryway – Shoes, coats, backpacks should be gathered into a basket for sorting when you have time. Use a wipe cloth or Swiffer mop to spot clean any mud or smudges.

At least once a month, do a deep clean of the entire home. A thorough top-to-bottom is a good time to put loose items back where they belong and get the nitty-gritty disinfecting jobs done.

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