5 Tips to Keep Freshly Cleaned Carpets Looking Great

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We often talk about the benefits of getting your carpets professionally cleaned. But it’s less common for us to discuss how to prolong the benefits after you’ve had them cleaned. If you want to maintain a healthy home environment between regular cleanings, here are five things you’ll want to be doing for your carpet and floors:

  1. Vacuum Often – Carpets can take up a lot of dirt and dust every day. You can mitigate this problem by vacuuming as needed, but not less than once a week. Be intentional about your cleaning efforts. Methodically move across the area, allowing time for the suction to lift any debris from deeper within the fibers.
  2. Clean Up Spills and Smudges Immediately – Visible stains are frequently the result of delayed cleaning when a spill or smudge occurs. Treating a stain is more likely to succeed if it is done as quickly as possible, using the right methods and cleaning agents for your carpet. Learn how to do this effectively before it happens.
  3. Use Door Mats and Area Rugs – You can prolong your carpet’s state of cleanliness by placing mats and rugs in strategic places. A welcome mat at the front door can help to catch dirt and dust before it enters the house. A rug in a high-traffic hallway can minimize the accumulation of dirt trails in your home.
  4. Take Your Shoes Off at the Door – Another common-sense solution is to have your family take their shoes off when they come in. Why risk trekking any dirt and debris across the house at all? If you do nothing else, this strategy alone will significantly prolong the time between professional cleanings.
  5. Consider Using Carpet Protectant – Applying a coat of carpet protectant will reduce the chances that dirt and spills are permanent. Just be sure to review your carpet warranty before applying.

Healthy Clean Carpets

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