6 Tips for Protecting a Home Against Fall Pests

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As the weather begins to get cooler, you can prepare your home for the Fall season. You will find these tips for protecting your home to be helpful in keeping out pests, but also seal off your home to keep out the brisk air that is coming more quickly than you realize.

6 Tips for the Fall and Keeping Out Pests

As the summer wraps up and you have successfully kept a bug-free home, you’ll want to continue that trajectory through the winter. So prepare your home before the harsh temperatures come your way.

  1. Seal up the chimney and outside vents. Pests like to get warm when the weather turns cold. For example, squirrels and birds will build homes inside your chimney if it is not properly wired off. And your outside dryer vent can also be a warm home for small animals if you do not have a grate on the outside of it.
  2. Replace weather strips on all doors. The weatherstrips on doors can peel off or no longer reach the bottom of the ground over time. Replace the weatherstrips with new, tight-fitting pieces.
  3. Fix any screens that have holes in them. When the weather isn’t a scorching 90 degrees anymore, you will want to open your windows and let in the cool breeze. Ensure that all screens are without holes so that bugs don’t find their way in as you welcome in the cool air.
  4. Repair cracks and crevices on the exterior of your home. Any gap you can see with the naked eye is big enough to let bugs in your home. You can caulk them to reseal the outside of your home.
  5. Keep food in airtight containers and wipe up crumbs regularly. Try not to tempt the bugs by leaving crumbs about, dirty dishes in the sink, and garbage lying around. Smells and food attract bugs and pests. Clean regularly to keep pests uninterested in your home.
  6. Inspect any boxes that you bring in from garage storage. As you transport in decorations or warm-weather clothing from the garage or basement, inspect the containers. Bugs can nest inside boxes that are left alone for a long time.

With each change in weather comes a threat of new pests. So be ready for any new bugs or rodents that may be trying to make their way into your home. Call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.