5 End of Summer Pest Control Tips

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Just because the end of summer is nearing, doesn’t mean that pest season is also coming to an end. As the seasonal changes happen, it can increase pest activities because insects and critters are adjusting to the temperature changes.

For many insects, summer is the perfect climate for breeding. Then, when the weather starts to cool off, they start looking for a warm place to go for the winter. When the temperatures are dropping at night, you need to be proactive to prevent these pests from coming into your home.

5 Pest Control Tips for the End of Summer

During this time of year, you might be dealing with mosquitos, termites, stinging insects, flies, and ants. Additionally, rodent activity tends to go up as furry animals are looking for a place to next and shelter. Here are a few things to consider as you are working on your end of summer pest control:

  1. Seal Your Home: Check the perimeter of the house to find any places where insects might be able to get inside. Seal holes or cracks near windows, doors, and vents. Not only does this help with pest control, but it’s also beneficial for energy efficiency as well.
  2. Eliminate Standing Water: Walk around the yard outside to see if you can find any standing water: marches, bird baths, kiddie pools, ponds, old tires, etc. If the water is standing, then it could be attracting pests.
  3. Get Rid of Food Sources: In addition to eliminating water sources, also be proactive about minimizing available food sources. Common culprits include trash, leftover picnic items, and pet food.
  4. Clear the Debris: The end of summer is a great time to clean up the yard. Schedule time to clean up piles of debris, such as wood stacks, leaf piles, overgrow shrubs, and more.
  5. Call Pest Control: Prevention is much easier than fighting an infestation. Take a proactive approach to stay ahead of the problem by bringing in professional pest control services.

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