Bed Bugs: What to Do If You Discover an Infestation

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Bed bugs are not something to ignore. Unfortunately, some people put off mitigating a bed bug infestation during the pandemic to avoid having pest control employees inside their homes. However, because the spread of bed bugs can be so rampant and challenging to find and get out of your house, this should not be delayed.

So what should you do if you find you have a bed bug infestation? Let’s take a look.

4 Tips for Stopping Bed Bugs from Spreading in Your Home

The moment that you suspect that you have bed bugs, you need to act. Contacting a pest control service is the best way to get rid of bed bugs. Here are some other tips:

  1. Remove the Source: If you brought a used couch or mattress into the home and experience bites from that item, remove it immediately. You do not know how long the bed bugs have been in the furniture or how many there are. It is best to remove the source.
  2. Look in Crevices: You can identify a bed bug infestation by checking the crevices in your mattress or furniture. They like to hide in deep cracks. So get a close look to see if you have bed bugs in your home.
  3. Do Not Spread with a Vacuum: Bed bugs can spread through a vacuum. For example, you may have bed bugs in one room hiding in the rug and spread them to another room that is free of infestation.
  4. Stop the Spread Right Away: Bed bugs can live up to 12 months, and they can lay 1-2 eggs per day. Pretty soon, your minimal bed bug problem can grow into an overwhelming amount. The bites are itchy and will multiply seemingly overnight if you don’t take immediate action.

Because bed bugs can spread so quickly and live so long, you need to do what you can to eliminate the problem before it becomes overwhelming. Instead of hoping that your bites are not from bed bugs, find out right away so that the infestation doesn’t get worse in the meantime. A quality pest control service will be able to identify a bed bug problem.

If you need help getting rid of your bed bug problem, call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.