Bed Bug Problem? Call a Pest Control Expert Immediately!

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Every homeowner fears the risk of bringing bedbugs home from a vacation. These small insects can cause quite a bit of discomfort since they leave behind small, itchy, red bites. At the same time, bed bugs have a fast reproduction cycle, which means that only one or two bed bugs in your home could quickly turn into a massive infestation.

Hitchhiking into Your Home

Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers, which means that you can accidentally carry them home after spending time in a place that is infested with bed bugs. The primary transportation for these insects is by moving to a new location on humans or on your belongings. For example, they might crawl into the crevices of your suitcase when you are staying at an infested hotel.

If the bugs are disturbed, then they will move to a new location, causing the infestation to spread. So, don’t make the mistake of handling the infestation without consulting a professional pest control team.

Coming Out at Night

Usually, bed bugs stay in close proximity to a bed. They are hidden in cracks and crevices in the mattress or bedding during the day. Then, the move about at night when it is time to feed. These insects are attracted to warm-blooded animals, and they often bite while you are sleeping.

Even though bed bugs are most common near a bed, they can also live in nearby furniture or other parts of the house. Bed bug infestations are also possible in public places, such as a car, movie theater, or office building.

Discovering Evidence of Bed Bugs

When you find evidence of bed bugs, it is essential that you call our team right away for assistance. Leave the area and remove all children and pets. Signs of an infestation include bite spots that happen at night, blood stains on the pajamas or bedding, fecal spots on the bedding, and exoskeleton remains that are left behind.

This infestation is difficult to control, and the bugs will quickly reproduce if the problem isn’t eliminated. So, it is essential that you enlist the services of an expert team to treat the problem. Call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service to learn more: (951) 233-7697