Termite Facts Every Homeowner Needs to Know

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Whether you own a new or older home, it is essential that you consider preventive steps to protect your property from the dangers of termites. Even if you don’t notice signs of these pests, there is a possibility that the termites are working behind the scenes and damaging your home. The first step is to schedule an inspection with a trusted pest control company in the area.

Here are a few important things to consider if you want to prevent termite infestation and damage:

  • Always have a termite inspection done before buying a home. You can request a wood infestation report from the seller, or hire a pest control team to inspect the property before you close on the deal.
  • Termite activity increases in the warmer months. Even though these pests are active all year long, you need to be cautious about potential activity that might be happening during the summer.
  • Often, the untrained eye won’t notice a termite infestation until significant damage has occurred. It is possible that the insects could be present in your home for years before you notice a problem. The best thing that you can do is maintain regular inspections with an experienced pest control company.

Signs of a Termite Infestation

There are a few ways that you can tell if termites are invading your home. The first sign to watch for is the presence of mud tubes. These pathways are made of dirt and tend to be the size of a drinking straw.

Also, pay attention to the appearance of your wood floors. If you see that the wood is damaged or hollow, then it is a warning sign that you need to contact a pest control company right away.

Finally, check the windowsills and areas near outside lights. Look for termite wings that are left behind, which could indicate the presence of termites in the area.

Identifying a termite infestation in the early stages is the best thing that you can do to prevent serious damage to the structure of the building. Call today to schedule an inspection so that you can learn about the potential dangers to your home. Riche’s Termite and Pest Service is here to help: (951) 233-7697