Why an Integrative Approach is Best for Pest Control Services

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It is common for homeowners to feel like they are on the defense with their pest control efforts. Are you choosing pest control treatments based on the critters that you are finding in and around your home? While it is important to get the pest control services that are needed to eliminate these problems, don’t overlook the effectiveness of an integrative approach that includes preventive strategies as well.

Setting Priorities with Pest Control

The first priority is always to remove the immediate threat. For example, if you have termites damaging your home, then it is essential to eliminate the infestation so that you can prevent additional damage to the property. Current infestations or signs of potential threats are always addressed before other preventive options.

Once your team has controlled the problem, it doesn’t mean that you are finished with the services that are needed. Instead, you need to work with a pest control expert to find the preventive strategies that can be used to avoid problems in the future. The combination of services to eliminate current threats and prevention methods will give you the best long-term results that you desire.

DIY vs. Professional Services

Sometimes, DIY is sufficient to get ahead of minor pest control concerns. But, if you find signs that there are insects or rodents in your home, then it could be the warning that a bigger infestation is coming. Don’t wait to see what happens! These early signs mean that you still have time to bring in an experienced team to help.

DIY strategies aren’t as effective as professional services. The products that you can find at a home improvement store don’t have the same potency and results that can be achieved by a professional team. It is common for homeowners to attempt DIY pest control, only to call the experts for help because the problem is recurring. Why not save yourself the time and money by calling an experienced team at first signs of a pest problem?

You deserve to live in a comfortable, pest-free home. So, it is time to call us to learn more about pest control services in the area. Riche’s Termite and Pest Service is here to help! Call to schedule a consultation: (951) 233-7697