Car Maintenance Tips to Improve Gas Mileage

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Are you spending too much money on fuel for your car? With rising gas prices, it is important that you are proactive with the maintenance of your car in order to avoid high gas expenses every month. Talking with a car repair expert can help you identify specific maintenance strategies that can be used for your car. Here are a few of the common strategies that can help improve gas mileage on your vehicle:

Engine Tune-Up Auto Repair Temecula

When was the last time you had an engine tune-up? Tuning up the engine is important to manage the amount of gas that is used. If you haven’t had your engine checked in a while, then right now is a great time take your car in to have it inspected.

Use the Right Type of Oil

If you are using the wrong type of motor oil in your car, then it can impact the performance of the engine. Talk with a car professional or check your owner’s manual to make sure that you are using the best type of oil for your car. When you use the wrong type of oil, it can cause the engine to work harder, resulting in a situation where you are wasting gas when you drive.

Check Tire Pressure

Did you know that under-inflated tires can waste gas usage? Additionally, poor tire pressure can cause the tires to quickly wear out, increasing your costs of tire replacement over the years. Make sure your tires are properly inflated in order to reduce friction while you are driving and improve gas mileage. Keep in mind that temperature changes throughout the year can impact tire pressure, so it is important that you are checking tire pressure during seasonal changes. Many car dealers and repair shops offer complimentary tire pressure checks.

Change the Filters

You might be tempted to avoid the cost of a filter change, but the truth is that it is better to spend the money on a new filter if you want to save money on gas mileage. A new filter will ensure that your car is running more effectively.

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