Christmas Tree Pests: Minimizing Bug Infestation in a Real Christmas Tree

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The Christmas season is a magical time of year, and many people have the tradition of setting up a Christmas tree for the holidays. If you enjoy the scent and experience of having a real Christmas tree in your home, then you need to think about the potential pest control concerns that you might be dealing with.

Hitching a Ride on the Christmas TreeTemecula Pest Control - Christmas Tree Pests

Whether you choose a freshly cut tree from the local tree lot or you choose a potted tree that can be planted in your yard, you need to be aware that pests might hitch a ride back to your house. At first glance, the tree might look fine. But, a closer inspection might reveal different types of bugs that have made residence in the tree. Even though these bugs naturally live in the tree outdoors, you don’t want those pests coming into your home.

Some of these pests might be inactive during the cold, winter temperatures. But, they come to life when they get into the warmer temperatures indoors. These pests might be attracted to sources of light, such as windows and lamps, causing them to leave the tree when they get inside.

How to Prevent Christmas Tree Pests

Some tree lots have mechanical shakers that can be helpful to remove certain types of pests from the trees. When you bring the tree home, stay outside and vigorously shake the tree to get rid of lose needles and remove potential pests. If you see any nests on the tree from birds or insects, those should be removed by hand before you bring the tree inside

If you enjoy having a live Christmas tree, then you should schedule a time to have your home treated for pests. Many Christmas trees don’t have a bug problem, but you still need to be aware of the situation to prevent an infestation in your home. Even if you are proactive to prevent the pests, it is likely that you might have a few hitchhikers that come inside.

A pest control company can treat your home to eliminate any potential insect problems. For more information about high quality pest control services, call Mathews Termite and Pest Service at: (951) 751-0885