Signs of a Pest Infestation in the Home

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Do you have unwanted visitors in your home? Sometimes, homeowners don’t pay attention to the signs that indicate a pest problem, which might result in a situation where they are dealing with an infestation later on. If you want to protect your home and family, then there are a few things that you should be watching for:

Rodent DroppingsSigns of Pest Infestation

Even if you don’t see any mice or furry rodents, they can leave behind their mark because their droppings will be found on the floor, shelves, and countertops. Rodent droppings can be very dangerous to your health, so it is important that the infestation is eliminated as quickly as possible. Also, make sure to thoroughly disinfect the area to protect the health of your family.

Nests or Nesting Materials

Watch for signs of nesting, which might be as small as spider webs in the windowsills or potentially bits of shredded insulation or fabric from rodent nests. Sometimes these signs might show you exactly where the nest is located, but it is important to talk with a pest control specialist to make sure that you completely destroy the nest and eliminate the infestation properly.

Gnawed Food or Wood

Do you have rodents chewing through food packages in your pantry, or you found traces of sawdust and signs of chewed wood? These chewing signs can indicate that you might be dealing with an infestation in your home. Wood destroying insect might be either termites or carpenter ants, but these infestations can be easily eliminated by taking action right away.

Dead Bugs

Look at window ledges, floorboards, and other cracks and crevices in your home to see if you find any dead carcasses or shed wings. When these signs are present, it is likely that the colony of the bugs are living nearby. Look for a large concentration of the dead bugs which will help you identify the location of the nest.

If you suspect that there is an infestation in your home, then it is important that you contact a pest control specialist as soon as possible. We offer high quality pest control services that you can trust! Call Mathews Termite and Pest Service at: (951) 751-0885