Cleaning Your Windows Boosts Your Home’s Value!

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Modern room with french windows and apples on the table.

Modern room with french windows and apples on the table.

Have you decided to sell your home? Or has it been on the market for a while now, without much luck?If so, you might be thinking of ways to boost your home’s value, or at least make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Some of the most obvious ways to increase value, such as adding a bathroom or remodeling the kitchen, can be fairly cost-prohibitive. You don’t want to sink thousands of dollars into a home that you’re just going to sell soon anyway.

Would you believe that one of the best, and most affordable ways to boost your home’s value is to simply clean the windows? It’s true! A professional cleaning can help you sell your home for three big reasons.

No need to replace windows. Many popular home renovation sites claim that replacing your windows is one of the best ways to upgrade your home and make it more attractive. It’s true that bright, shining windows look great from the outside, and that an abundance of natural light on the inside makes the home feel cheery. But you don’t have to spend all that money buying and installing new windows! Simply clean them until they’re sparkling, and you can enjoy the same benefits.

Buyers feel more confident. Aside from adding purely aesthetic appeal, clean windows show that your home is well maintained. Buyers feel confident knowing that if visible parts of the house are in good condition, you have probably maintained the rest of the house as well.

Less work for buyers. When potential buyers walk through your home, they are imagining all of the little (and big) things they will do to make it “theirs”. Clean, sparkling windows translate into one chore crossed off their list.

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