Cover Increased Energy Costs During the Holidays with Solar Energy

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The holidays are a time of joy, nostalgia, and giving. The night lights up with twinkle lights, and familiar songs fill the air, putting you in the spirit of the season.

Along with the holidays comes stress, including lack of time, bustling around to find the right gifts, and pressure on your pocketbook. As a result, it is easy to feel overwhelmed during the holidays.

When your bills are piling up, what is one way you can save? Invest in solar panels so you can light up your house to your liking without wondering what the energy bill will look like.

Solar Panels to Reduce Holiday Energy Bills

You should be able to make your house shine during the holidays with all of your traditions and décor. Instead of minimizing the lighting because the bill is too much, install solar panels to help with that.

Consider the energy used during the holidays:

  • Lights along the roof
  • Outdoor reindeer and holiday characters
  • Christmas trees displayed through the windows
  • Lights entwined in garland on the mantle
  • Little towns lit up with a train running through
  • HVAC system increases to warm the home
  • Fewer daylight hours and more lights on in the evening
  • Increased holiday cooking and baking

There are plenty of ways that your energy bill could increase. The holidays can stretch your wallet, but your twinkle lights don’t have to be collateral damage.

How Solar Panels Can Help

When you invest in solar panels, the energy from the sun is used to power the electricity in your home. By tapping into this renewable energy source, you can power your appliances and lights through the day and night.

Pair solar panels with battery storage. Even when the sun isn’t shining, you can use the stored energy to keep your house lit up and off the grid.

For an additional bonus, your solar panels will keep your home warm, refrigerator cold, and appliances working during a power outage. You never have to worry about an impending winter storm and how you could live without power when you have solar panels and battery storage.

New Day Solar is ready to install solar panels on your home. Get ready for the next holiday season by having a plan for reducing holiday energy bills. Call for a consultation with a solar professional at (855) 444-6329.