Give Yourself the Gift of Solar Panels

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It’s that time of year to hop on the solar power bandwagon. Give yourself a gift for the holidays: increased monthly savings through solar panels. Take control of powering up your home without worrying about grid failure or extended power outages during storms.

Read on for more benefits of solar energy.

4 Benefits of Solar Panels

Millions of Americans choose solar energy to power their homes. Not only are they reducing their carbon footprint, but they also have monetary savings. Take a look at more benefits:

  • Tax Credits: Through the end of 2023, you will receive a 22% tax credit from your solar installation. This means that 22% of what you spend on solar energy will be taken off of your final tax charge for the year.
  • Bonuses from Energy Companies: Your power company will incentivize you to use less power during peak times by offering bonuses. When you have solar panels, you will always meet those lower power thresholds and earn the bonuses!
  • Return on Investment: Although solar energy is a significant upfront investment, you will instantly experience monthly savings. Some homeowners pay back their investment in as little as six years from the savings alone.
  • Avoiding Energy Cost Hikes: When you use energy from the power company, you are at their mercy on what the prices will be. As fossil fuels and the energy crisis become more prevalent, these costs will rise significantly. When you have solar panels, you do not have to worry about any of that. You are in control of your monthly costs and savings when you use renewable energy from the sun.

Make a plan for solar energy and imagine how your Christmas season will change next year. Find relief in reduced monthly payments and the ability to heat your home without dreading an inflated energy bill.

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