DIY Cockroach Treatments: Do They Work?

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It’s hard to relax at home if you know that cockroaches are hiding in the corners and closets. If these pests are discovered at home, it is common for homeowners to turn to DIY treatments in an attempt to save money. While some of these at-home treatments might be a little effective, often the DIY pest control only adds to the frustration and results in more money that is spent in an attempt to eradicate the problem.

Common DIY Treatments

These are some of the most common DIY treatments found at the local home improvement stores:

  • Cockroach Bombs: Areas in the home can be sectioned off and then “bombed” to coat the area with pesticides. As the pesticides are released into the air, the chemicals cover the surface of the floors and furniture where the insects might roam. But, the problem with this DIY treatment is that hard-to-reach areas aren’t affected, which means that the cockroaches could hide out in the walls and cracks. Plus, you need to consider how the chemicals could be harmful to your family’s health because of all of the areas that were coated with the treatment.
  • Insect Bait: Some products have a bait that attracts the insects, paired with poison that kills the insects. The danger with these products is if pets or children come in contact with the poison. Serious health problems, or even death, might occur if the bait is ingested. Also, consider that the bait kills the cockroaches, leaving them lying around your house. Then, you need to find the dead roaches and dispose of the remains.
  • Glue Traps: These small devices can be assembled and placed in strategic areas in your home. If you know that there is a location with a high potential of cockroach traffic, then the traps can be placed to catch the bugs. The problem with this strategy lies in the minimum percentage of the cockroaches that are trapped. The bugs need to walk onto the sticky surfaces to be caught. As a result, glue traps might be a good option if you want to confirm your suspicions of an infestation. But, these traps are not effective for eradication.

If you want the most effective cockroach treatment, then you need to call a professional in the area. Contact Riche’s Termite and Pest Service for more information: (951) 233-7697