Myths and Facts about DIY Pest Control

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It is common for homeowners to head to the pest control aisle at the local home improvement store when an infestation is discovered in the home. While some of these products and treatments can be helpful, there are many false ideas that are spread about pest control. If you want to eliminate the problem and avoid infestation in the future, then the best solution is to talk to an experienced pest control team.

Myth: Plug-In Electronic Repellents Work

You can find devices that plug into the wall and emit an ultrasonic frequency that supposedly deters insects and rodents. This noise can’t be heard by the human ear, but sends sound waves that confuse and drive pests away from your home. While it seems like a great concept, they don’t work. Many homeowners have found that these devices have little or no effect on the infestation. Plus, the plug-ins can cause issues for pets in the home.

Myth: Vinegar Kills Insects

It is smart to look for natural solutions to eliminate pests at home. Vinegar is a common suggestion to get rid of ants, cockroaches, and more. The truth is that vinegar doesn’t actually kill the insects, so it won’t get rid of the pests. Instead, this product makes a great cleaning solution. Maintaining a clean home is a great line of defense against pest infestations, but you need to maintain consistency with your efforts.

Myth: Put Cheese in Mouse Traps

Even though cheese is commonly associated with mouse traps, the truth is that mice actually prefer foods with high sugar content. If you are setting traps in your home, skip the cheese and use cookies or crackers from the pantry instead.

Fact: Professional Services are Best

While some of the DIY solutions might have a temporary effect on your pest control problem, the best long-term solution is to call a pest control expert. You need to bring in a team that can identify the source of the infestation and eliminates the problem in a safe, effective way. If you need more information, call the local pest control experts: Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697