When to Call for Professional Rodent Control Services

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Do you suspect that one or more rodents have taken residence in your home? These pests can live in the attic, garage, basement, or in the main living areas of the house. It is important that every homeowner knows the signs of a rodent infestation so that a pest control team can be called for rodent control services as needed.

Signs of Rodents in the Home

Watch for these signs so that you know if there are mice or other rodents in your home:

  • Droppings in the cupboards or pantry
  • Holes are chewed into boxes and food containers
  • Scurrying or scratching noises in the attic, especially at night
  • Mouse trails in the insulation
  • Chewing on the writing, rafters, framing, cardboard, and anything else in the area
  • Unusual activity from the family pets because cats and dogs can smell the rodents
  • Foul smells could indicate an infestation, especially if dead rodents are present in the walls
  • Nests that are built out of soft materials, such as fabric, sawdust, lint, and hair

At first, you might not notice the signs in the noticeable areas of your home. Usually, the infestation begins in the less-used areas, such as the attic or basement. Then, the mice move to the areas of the home with food, such as the kitchen.

DIY Pest Control Isn’t Good Enough

Keep in mind that a few mousetraps might not be enough to eliminate the problem. If you find one mouse, then there is a good chance that more are nearby. You need to be diligent with pest control measures to eliminate the infestation in the early stages. Delaying professional pest control services could result in serious problems in the future.

Riche’s Termite and Pest Service offers professional services for all types of pest control. Whether you need assistance with a rodent infestation or you are facing an insect problem, we are here to help. Call for a consultation to learn more about the different treatment options that are available. Services are offered for both residential and commercial buildings. Contact our team at (951) 233-7697