Will Family Pets Help with Rodent Prevention?

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Having a family pet brings joy and companionship into the home. Did you know that these furry friends can also help with pest control as well? You can gain a two-fold benefit by choosing an animal that will help to manage the rodent population in and around the home.

Larger Animals to Scare Away the Smaller Animals

Bringing a cat into the home can be a helpful solution if you are trying to solve a mouse problem. These tiny rodents can be scared away by a cat or dog in the area. But having a dog or cat in the home isn’t enough to eliminate a mouse problem. Cats can target mice in the living space of your home, but the cats can’t reach the nesting areas usually found in walls, crawlspaces, attics, and basements. As a result, it is common for the mice to travel through the walls instead of being exposed in the open.

Also, not all pets are hunters. In fact, some family pets might be afraid of mice! Choose a mouser breed, and you might find that the cat leaves a gift on the porch occasionally when a mouse is caught.

Rodents carry diseases which can be passed on to the family pet. If you suspect that you might be dealing with a pest infestation, then it is essential to work with a professional pest control team to reduce the risk of diseases that are passed to your animals and family.

Family Pets Could Attract Rodents

While cats and dogs can be helpful for rodent control, there are certain aspects about having a pet that could attract the pests. For example, leaving out a bowl of pet food and water provides a source of nourishment for the rodents as well. It is common for homeowners to find mice or other rodents eating leftover dog or cat food in the bowls. This food might also attract insects.

If you have a pet, then it is important that you are careful to clean up leftover food so that it doesn’t bring in unwanted pests. You can also call a pest control expert who can assist with pet-friendly treatments for your home. It is important that you share the details about the animals in the home so that the pest control technician can adjust the treatment plan to ensure the safety of the animals.

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