Earwig Myths Debunked… But They’re Still Not Fun to Live With

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Does your stomach squirm when you see an earwig? These small insects might look intimidating because of the unusual shape and their fast movement. Earwigs have a bad reputation, but they probably aren’t as dangerous as you might think.

Here are a few common misconceptions about earwigs:

Myth: Earwigs will bite you

Yes, earwigs technically could bite a human, but it’s a rare occurrence. Earwigs don’t eat blood meals like mosquitos or bed bugs, which means that they aren’t looking for human hosts for their next meal.

If you feel a bite, then it’s likely a pinch. These pincers aren’t strong, which means that it isn’t common for a pinch to break the skin. This defensive mechanism usually occurs because they are trying to get away. For example, the risk of getting pinched increases if you catch the earwig and you’re trying to hold it.

Myth: Earwigs are poisonous

In the unlikely event that you are pinched by an earwig, there is no need to worry about the side-effects of this wound. Earwigs don’t have any venom, which means that your skin probably won’t swell up like a spider or mosquito bite.

Myth: Earwigs like to crawl in ears

An ago-old superstition is that earwigs like to crawl into people’s ears because they are attracted to the smell of earwax. There’s no scientific evidence for this claim. There are occasional instances where earwigs crawl into people’s ears, but it’s not as common as you might think,

Myth: Earwigs are dangerous

The truth is that earwigs don’t pose much threat to humans. Other than an occasional pinch, these small insects are harmless. But just because they aren’t dangerous, doesn’t mean that you are comfortable having them in your home.  Leaving an earwig colony unchecked could result in larger numbers of these insects, making it alarming when you find then crawling in small areas of your living space.

A few earwigs can be an indication of a growing infestation, which is why it’s best to talk to a pest control provider as soon as possible. For more information about insect and rodent pest control, call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.