How Do Spiders Get Inside?

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As winter comes around, you may see an uptick of spiders in your home. Spiders like to find a warm space to lay eggs and wait out the winter. They can dig a hole or find a spot in a tree. If spiders hide away for the winter, then why are you seeing them more in your home?

  • Their Spot in the Attic was Disturbed: When you go up to storage to get holiday decorations, you can intrude on the spider’s home. Moving boxes around can make spiders scatter that were quietly tucked away. Suddenly, you are seeing them everywhere because they’ve been evicted from their spot in the attic.
  • They Come in with Packages: As you are getting packages delivered, there may be spiders that come in with the holiday packages. Spiders like to hide in large warehouses, which is where many of the boxes are coming from. Their little warm home inside the cardboard box suddenly gets transported into your home.
  • They Are Finding Bugs to Eat: If your home has many bugs throughout it, then spiders will go where the food is. Spiders feast on ants, mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs. If you have a lot of insects in your home, then spiders will join the party.

Getting Rid of Spiders

Ensure that spiders do not hide away for the winter inside your home. You can take precautions like keeping a clean and organized storage room where spiders cannot settle for long periods. Check packages before bringing them inside your home to see if there are bugs inside. And take care of all the bugs in your home by hiring a professional pest control service. Once the food source is eliminated, spiders will have no desire to be inside your home.

Nobody likes surprise spider sightings in their home. We can help with that. Our team is highly trained, and our process is tried and true. If you want to take care of the bugs in your house and not worry about spiders, then call Riche’s Termite and Pest Service at (951) 233-7697.