Pest Control in the Winter Months Is Equally Important

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You made it through the summer with minimal creepy crawlers invading your home. Now you can relax and not worry about bugs and pests during the winter months, right? Wrong. Insects and mice are looking for ways to get out of the cold, and your home may be just the place.

Winter is not the time to take a break from pest control services. Here are some tips to avoid bug or pest infestations this winter:

  1. Seal any holes on the inside of your home. Thoroughly inspect the corners of your home, including cupboards and under the sinks. Seal up any gaping holes that may be an entrance for pests. Check your dryer hose to be sure it is secured to your wall and the vent on the outside is not open. Don’t forget to look in your attic and chimney, as well.
  2. Do not store a woodpile next to your home. A nice cozy woodpile is a perfect home for furry friends during the winter months. The closer the pile is to your home, the closer the animals will be as well.
  3. Keep your food in sealed containers. Seal any open containers of food, so smells and crumbs are not easily spilled out, welcoming bugs to the kitchen.
  4. Clean regularly. Clean floors and countertops that are free of crumbs and trash will keep bugs away. Bugs and pests are looking for a food supply, and if you don’t freely offer it, they won’t infest your home.
  5. Continue with your pest control service. Winter is not the time to take a break from pest control services. When you hire professionals year around to take care of your pest control needs, then you will keep your home safe from the creatures outside.

Winter should be a time to find comfort celebrating the holidays inside your home. You do not want to add the stress of getting rid of insects and pests during the bustle of the season.

Keep pests out of your home this winter by hiring a competent and trusted pest control service. Our team at Riche’s Termite and Pest Service is ready to kick out any unwelcome visitors in your home. Please give us a call at (951) 233-7697 and schedule your appointment today.