Historical Electricity Usage: Shedding Light on Solar Power Requirements

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Installing a solar electric system on your home, offers many benefits for your family. When your system is designed and installed to meet your family’s electrical needs, then you can enjoy using energy in your home without paying expensive utility bills.

It is important to understand that energy consumption changes from one household to the next. So, the best solution is to talk to a solar power expert to identify the right sized solar system to match the energy needs of your family.

Using Too Much Energy

If you are using more electricity in your home, then the solar system is producing, it is possible that you might receive a bill from the local utility company. The solar panels provide energy when the sun is shining. When you need electricity in your home and the sun isn’t out, your electricity will come from the grid. At the same time, the excess energy that is brought in during the daylight hours from your solar system, will be sent back to the grid, creating “credits” from your utility company that can be used when you do need to pull energy from the grid.  This is called Net Metering.

If your grid energy usage outweighs the credits that are earned throughout the month from your solar system, then you will have a bill that needs to be paid. This scenario is likely if you don’t have enough solar panels installed to cover the full amount of energy that is used each month in your home.

Reviewing Historical Data

Remember that your energy usage changes throughout the year. During the hottest months, the air conditioner will be turned on frequently throughout the day, causing your energy usage to go up. The best thing that you can do is look through the historical energy usage for your home, then determine the number of solar panels that are needed.

Our team is here to help you decide what size solar system would be best for you and your family’s energy needs.  The goal is to achieve the perfect balance of helping you save money, while maximizing the solar power that is available to you.  You can learn more by calling us for a no-obligation quote at: (855) 444-6329 or visit us online at:  www.newdaysolar.com.  We have 30 years of solar expertise and we will answer all of your solar questions honestly!