Will Solar Power Reduce Monthly Expenses?

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How are your monthly energy costs affecting your family budget? Energy rates are increasing, leaving many families feeling the pinch of higher utility bills. You can be proactive to turn off the lights and adjust the thermostat, but the most effective option is to invest in a long-term solution: residential solar power.

Consider these details if you are looking for ways to reduce your monthly spending:

Compare the Cost of Utilities each month, compared to having solar panels

In the beginning, you might save a little money each month by installing solar, instead of sending that money to the utility company.  Since you are sending a payment to the utility company each month, why not invest in a solar system for your home. You can spend about the same amount of money (or less!) on your solar loan payment each month and pay it off in 12 years, instead of being on the life time payment plan with the utility company.  Your monthly payment will be set for 12 years and you will not have to worry about electricity rate increase through your utility.

The real benefit lies in the “break even” point that will happen in the future. When you are paying hundreds of dollars on utilities, you never see a return on what you spend. Instead, you are giving money away without benefits for your family later down the road. But, an investment in a solar electric system means that eventually you will pay the cost of the equipment in full. At that point, you can continue enjoying free energy from the sun without making monthly payments for your electricity.

Long-Term Financial Benefits for Your Family

It’s no surprise that solar installation offers many long-term financial benefits for your family. You will love the free energy that can be used for years, because the solar panels come with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.   Plus, your home will have a higher value on the real estate market when it is time to sell. Enjoy thousands of dollars in extra equity when it makes sense for your family to move to another home.

Do you have questions about how your family will benefit from a solar installation? If you want to look at the numbers, then we encourage you to talk to our team at New Day Solar.  We will evaluate your utility bill and help you decide on the solutions that are a good fit for your financial goals and your family’s energy needs.  Call us for a no obligation quote at: (855) 444-6329 or visit us online at: www.newdaysolar.com.