Home Safety Checklist to Protect Family and Belongings

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Are you taking a proactive approach to protecting your family? The safety of your home depends on a few aspects that can care for your health and security. Not only can you avoid accidents and damage, but you can also reduce the risk of theft and burglary. It is a good idea to review this list twice a year and make changes or adjustments if needed:

Street View: Look at your home from the street to see if any valuables are visible. Rearrange the rooms if necessary to move these items out of sight.

Lighting: Make sure that the entry area and pathways are well lit at night. Consider installing motion-sensor lights that turn on automatically if someone is walking around the property.

Door and Window Locks: Check every door and window, even those on the second floor. Ensure that the locks are working. Add secondary locks, such as dowels in the tracks, to big windows and sliding glass doors.

Smoke Alarms: Test, clean, and ensure that the batteries are working. Replace the smoke alarms if they are more than ten years old.

Electrical Cords: Replace cords that are cracked or frayed. Plug appliances directly into the wall whenever possible (instead of using extension cords).

Kitchen Cleaning: Keep the stove hood and microwave clean to avoid accidental fire. Clear items on the countertops that could catch fire, such as dishrags or paper towels.

Fire Extinguishers: Have a few fire extinguishers in the home and ensure that all family members know how to use the extinguishers.

Emergency Escape Plan: It is a good idea to have an emergency escape plan for your family. This plan can be used if a natural disaster or break-in occurs.

Spare Key: Many homeowners leave a spare key under the door mat. But, this key increases the risk of unwanted entry in your home. Instead, consider leaving the key with a trusted neighbor or family member.

Installing a home security system is the most important thing that you can do to keep your family protected. Not only will you decrease the risk of burglary, but you can stay informed about the times and dates when people are coming and going.

Are you ready for the benefits of a safe, secure home for your family?  Talk to John Snow at ADT Security for more information: (760) 404-5701