Home Seller Mistakes that Could be Spooking Potential Buyers

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October is a fun month for people who love Halloween. Are the pumpkins laid out on the porch and you have a bowl of candy for the kids who come for trick or treating? If you are trying to sell your home during this holiday month, then there are a few special considerations to ensure that you aren’t scaring away potential buyers.

Don’t Go Overboard with Decorations

While it might be fun to go all-out with your Halloween decorations, these things can have a negative impact on curb appeal and first-impressions. Keep it simple this year. Avoid the scary décor and stick with light, themed items instead.

For example, a few classy pumpkins on the porch and a brightly colored Halloween wreath on the door can be warm and inviting. But, don’t set up a homemade coffin or put up fake spiderwebs that visitors need to dodge when walking up to the door.

Minimize the Tricks and Highlight the Treats

Look for options to focus your home listing on the highlights of the property. These treats will pull in people who might be a good match to buy your home. At the same time, talk to your real estate agent about potential sticky issues that could be a turn-off to potential buyers. A few small repairs and renovations can go a long way to help you avoid the things that might spook interested parties.

Check the Closets for Scary Storage

You don’t want potential buyers to be scared when they open the closets! Take time to sort through your personal items so that you can open up these storage spaces. Many homeowners have boxes of holiday decorations, old toys, and other personal items that should be moved off the property before buyers come for a tour.

If you want to sell your home quickly and maximize your selling price, then you need to do a little work before the home is listed on the real estate market. Talk to a real estate expert for help in preparing your home to sell. You are invited to talk to Lloyd Mize at Harvest Team Real Estate at (951) 551-1677