How much will Solar Power Decrease My Utility Bills?

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When you purchase a solar electric system, you can eliminate your electricity bill completely or decrease it significantly, depending on what your goals are and your budget allows.  Solar systems can be designed to meet your individual energy needs.  If your goal is to eliminate your electric bill completely, you must have enough solar panels to generate the amount of electricity needed.New Day Solar Complete Logo w InstallingPPT

Bigger Solar System = More Energy Production?

A larger solar system isn’t necessarily better.  Instead of assuming that you need to install more solar panels, consider the benefits of optimizing the installation. The energy savings that you will experience will be based on the wattage of your solar panels that you are installing and their placement.  Our team at New Day Solar, will help you pick the perfect placement and orientation for your solar system.  The more sunlight that reaches your solar panels, the more electricity you can generate, which in turn will increase the amount of money you’ll be able to save on your electric bill.

Other Financial Benefits of Solar Panels

In addition to the monthly utility savings, homeowners should also look at the other financial benefits of installing a solar system. For example, having a solar power system will protect your family from utility increases in the future. Every year, the utility rates rise and these increases can add up over time! With solar, even though the cost of electricity is increasing for your neighbors, you are still getting your power from the sun for free.

Solar panels also help to boost the value of your home. If you are going to install a solar system, then it makes sense to invest in the equipment instead of leasing the panels. Your family will benefit from ownership of the equipment and be able to apply for the 30% Federal Tax Credit.  That cost can be factored into the selling price of your home if you need to sell in the future.

Customized Solar Solutions for Your Home

There are many factors that can impact your utility bill and solar savings, including:

  • The amount of sunlight that is available.
  • The type of equipment that you choose.
  • The cost of electricity from your utility company.
  • How much power you use each day.

Here at New Day Solar, we can help you evaluate your individual factors to determine the best solution for you and your family.  Contact us to learn more: (855) 444-6329 or visit us at  Our prices are on our website!

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